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About Gene McKenna & Ace In-Home Tutoring:  Gene McKenna is a graduate of Georgetown University (1984) who holds a master's degree in education, plus CT state teaching certification in both secondary school mathematics and English.  He has had over twenty years of successful tutoring experience as the founder and director of Ace In-Home Tutoring, which he has run since the early 1990's.  Over that time period, he has worked 1-on-1 with thousands of students to help them improve their SAT scores, in particular, and their overall academic achievement, in general.

Packages and Pricing:  Ace In-Home Tutoring currently offers two main tutoring packages:
  • Eight hours @ $995
  • Four hours @ $595
The eight-hour package is the standard, most popular tutoring package for the majority of Ace In-Home Tutoring's students, with students generally starting weekly tutoring sessions about two months prior to their test date.  For students who have less time available, or for those who might just be looking for either a brief review or introductory course, the four-hour package is often the right choice.  If you happen to be looking for something either longer or shorter than our two most common packages, just let us know, and that can be easily arranged and prorated.


What they're saying about Ace In-Home Tutoring:

"Gene McKenna, of Ace In-Home Tutoring, was a wonderful tutor. He not only helped me strengthen my verbal skills, but he was also able to give me the confidence I needed to excel at a higher level in math. Mr. McKenna is the epitome of an SAT tutor. He is very patient, understanding, and enthusiastic. I would highly recommend him to anyone." 
Eliza Burns, New Canaan, CT 

"Gene McKenna is a remarkable, successful, and capable tutor who helped my son achieve his true potential on the SATs. David enjoyed working with Mr. McKenna, finding him to be pleasant, professional, and clear in his instructions. When David took the SATs, he scored a remarkable 720 in math. I attribute this substantial gain directly to Mr. McKenna's tutoring. Mr. McKenna's tutoring was a blessing for David and for us. Based on our experience, I recommend Mr. McKenna as an SAT tutor of the highest caliber." 
Dudley W. Orr, Ed.D., Fairfield, CT 

"I was thrilled with my vastly improved SAT scores. Mr. McKenna was very helpful and explained everything to me clearly. With these scores I am now applying to Ivy League colleges." Michelle Flowers, Norwalk, CT 

SAT Tutoring Credentials 

   It is not a very well known fact, but basically anybody can call themselves an SAT tutor.  No matter how well they did on the test themselves, and regardless of how much actual SAT test prep experience they have. There is no sort of state or national certification for this position.  It is my belief that there are a fair number of tutors out there who claim to be knowledgeable about the SAT and how to best prepare for it, but are, in fact, not really quite up to the job.

    Over the years, it seems that the SAT tutoring field has become more and more crowded, as Americans have seemingly placed an ever-growing importance on the value of getting a college education, and, therefore, SAT scores.  As this seems to be the case, more and more people have gotten into the field of SAT tutoring.  I think that it would be wise for anyone looking for help with the SAT to make sure in advance that the tutor they choose to help them really does know what he or she is talking about when it comes to the SAT.

   I like to think that in my case, however, I have more SAT tutoring experience than the typical SAT tutor.  I also like to think that I have SAT scores which prove I know what I am talking about when it comes to the SAT.   But please don't just take my word for it.  I think that you should check out my SAT credentials for yourself. Below is a copy of  of one of my SAT score reports.

    As a tutor who specializes in all areas of SAT prep, I have, over the years, frequently given up a Saturday morning here and there to sit for the test at one of my local high schools.  I have done so for a number of reasons, mainly to remind myself just what my students actually have to go through when they take the SAT.  Of course, I also think that sitting for the occasional SAT test can help me to keep up with any new wrinkles on the test, and, frankly, it is probably just good practice for me as an SAT tutor well.  

   Normally, whenever I have taken the SAT during the course of my tutoring career, I typically have managed to score a perfect 800 on both the critical reading section as well as the writing skills section.  When it comes to the math section, however, my scores are usually somewhere in the 700's, with 750 being my best score so far.  So, although I have not yet attained SAT perfection when it comes to the math section, I believe that my math scores nevertheless attest to the fact that I have a pretty good idea what I am doing when it comes to the math section as well.  I don't claim to be all-knowing by any means, but I do want students and their parents who are considering using my tutoring services to realize that when it comes to someone who knows the ins and outs of the SAT and how to prepare for it, there are very few people out there who know more about this test, or have more experience with it, than I do.  I normally don't like to blow my own horn to such an extent, but in the somewhat crowded field of SAT tutoring these days, I feel that it is a necessary evil to get the word out and let people know that they will be in good hands if they use my services when it comes to preparing for the SAT.


Finally, some SAT humor, courtesy of Dave Coverly and Speedbump:

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